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Global Earning Opportunity. 
Feel Good, Look Great,
Earn Well.

LR is a multi-million dollar, 25 year old reputable international company. The company was launched in 1985. Today LR operates in more than 30 countries worldwide.

Direct marketing is a fast growing branch of industry, which clearly differentiates itself from traditional sales.
While traditionally a product passes through many hands before reaching the consumer, in direct marketing the product gets to the consumer via an independent sales consultant.
Thereby keeping the cost down, the customer profits greatly from the favorable purchasing prices and personal consultation in his own home. 
 LR is one of Europe's most successful direct marketing companies in the field of high quality food supplements and innovative cosmetics.
More than 250,000 independent consultants worldwide enjoy a secure second income with LR. Many of them have succeeded to create their own financial independence.

The unique LR remuneration system offers everyone, regardless of age or gender, education, personal experience or financial background, endless income opportunities without any financial risk.
As LR Consultant you receive an attractive profit margin for selling high quality LR products. In accordance with your sales, LR pays you an additional bonus.
Apart from this, LR will support you with a commission when you build your independent business organisation. The Mercedes Benz Company Car Concept completes the remuneration system to perfection.

The best thing about LR expansion is that there is no limit to sales partners what market they precede or deal within, it's a global business with no restrictions!

Free of charge, we send all LR Consultants a monthly catalogue with many new products and monthly specials with each order. Especially the time limited promotions and special offers make selling for you easier. A monthly magazine provides you with background information about the new products and with important tips on how to sell these LR products.
To expand your customer base, we also offer a systematic training program. 
 Under the supervision of qualified training personnel you will learn the correct way to use your knowledge as an argument and apply the turnover orientated LR selling method.
The LR remuneration system offers you unlimited opportunities for earning money. Thanks to our proven system, you can create an attractive second income with a ten hours effort per week. And it is also possible to earn A$ 120,000 and more per month, though this is not guaranteed. Success depends entirely on your effort and determination.
LR believes in reward for effort. Useful marketing tools, invitations to perspective meetings or travel seminars to exotic destinations will be yours when your business reaches a certain volume.
Watch this presentation to learn more.
Join us to buy all your Products wholesale even as a Personal Consumer
Join us to sell and Distribute Products as a good second income.
Join us to build Your Own Team Network and earn Bonuses and Create a Passive Income.

Please contact us via email to Start Enjoying the LR World and Embark on Your Journey to Success with a second income. You can sign up in almost any country as one of our partners, we will be in contact with you promptly.

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