Figuactiv shakes - delicious and healthy for a dream figure- meal replacement


Figuactiv shakes - delicious and healthy for a dream figure- meal replacement      
soups, shakes and bars are all meal replacements according to the diet Act (Germany) 


 New Figuactiv products

Now we have Figuactiv shake with new taste "pineapple and coconut"
the others are Strawberries and banana, Vanilla, latte-macchiato  
lactose free- gluten free- no sugar added 

New taste also in figuactiv bars yogurt and strawberries” 
the others are –nougat, aloe vera and blueberries, crunchy caramel 


in delicious soups we have – potato soup, tomato soup, vegetable/curry soup
gluten free gluten ( only potato soup)






Figuactive Diet herbal tea
is ideal for in between
a diverse mixture of various herbs, mate leafs and the very tasty Lapachorinde all which help to dampen the feeling of hunger.            
-Enjoy with every meal
-nice change from just mineral water
-reliable herbal mixture






Program yourself for success: Set a very specific goal.

Remember that losing weight requires a change in thought and behavior, so set goals for your emotions and weight.
Don't just set vague goals like, "I want to lose some weight." Be specific: How much weight do you want to lose? How do you want to feel? Close your eyes and visualise yourself after you've reached those goals. Use this visualization to feel commitment and inner strength.
No preservatives. No colours added. Source of dietary fibre. Low on lactose. Gluten free. No additional sugar. High biological quality through the combination of natural and animal proteins.

Questions and Answers





1. In what way have we changed the recipe - what is new?

The new recipe serves as a meal substitute. In other words, we are now able to substitute individual meals such as breakfast, lunch or dinner with a shake or a soup. The various flavours are the same as before. However, by adding soy and lactose free milk protein to the Figuactiv range, the products have been improved. The combination of the plant and animal protein enhances the biological balance.


-lactose free
-Gluten free
-No added sugar


-Lactose free.
-No added sugar
-gluten free (only potato soup)

Further Advantage:

In the making of the shakes we have used low fat or lactose free milk and not just water as previously. As a result, a tin of 450g provides 16 meals compared to the previous 10 meals.


2. Which meals and how many do I substitute with Figuactiv?

For a targeted weight reduction, we recommend to substitute two meals with Figuactiv and to enjoy once a day a balanced, fat reduced third meal. Which meal you substitute is entirely up to you.

Example: Breakfast - a Figuactiv Shake. Lunch a balanced fat reduced meal (eg. fish, vegetables and salad). Evening meal a tasty Figuactiv Soup.

Start your day right in having breakfast. This should be the first meal of the day. Studies show it improves your overall health and well-being, as well as your longevity. Eating breakfast has many benefits. It reduces fatigue and sleepiness in the mid-morning hours, helps banish away the blues, improves concentration, increases alertness and helps one function more efficiently. Academic performance amongst children is generally better when breakfast is eaten. Breakfast stimulates the metabolism, thus preventing the body from switching into a low energy mode. Those skipping breakfast are more likely to snack throughout the day. So start your day right. Make time for a healthy breakfast. Don't leave without it!.


3. Will Figuactiv satisfy me or are snacks allowed?

Figuactiv contains all the nutrients the body needs. It contains bran, rich in dietary fibre, which helps to prevent the feeling of hunger. Three meals are enough, but in case one does feel hungry, you can integrate fruit and vegetables into your diet. Here we recommend raw carrots, cucumbers and capsicums. When choosing fruit, avoid eating bananas and grapes, as they are rich in sugar.

4. Can I make any variation to the soups and shakes?

Of course you can refine the Figuactiv Shakes and Soups so that you do not get bored. To the Shakes, you can add fresh, frozen or pureed fruit. Add steamed vegetables or fresh herbs to the Soups and create your own new taste sensation daily.

5. How much should I drink and which drinks are best?

All functions within the body require the presence of water. A well hydrated body enables these functions to occur quickly and efficiently. All chemical processes involve energy metabolism and drinking plenty of water will make us feel more energetic and boost our metabolic rate. Drinking water is important if you're trying to lose weight, some studies have shown that thirst and hunger sensations are triggered together. If there is a slight dehydration the thirst mechanism may be mistaken for hunger and one may eat when the body is actually craving fluid. Breaking down body fat during weight loss produces wastes that must be eliminated through the kidneys. Drinking enough water is important to keep the kidneys functioning to remove these wastes.

Get used to drinking daily a minimum of 2 - 2 1/2 litres. Mineral water and unsweetened tea (Figuactiv Herbal Tea) are calorie free. Drinking stimulates the metabolism and your body has to work constantly. To ensure a sufficent fluid intake, we suggest sticking to a set timetable. Make it a habit to drink to your plan - daily!


6. Can diabetics also take Figuactiv?

Diabetics can take Figuactiv for sure. Figuactiv contains all nutrients in an ideal composition - including carbohydrates. Diabetics must follow the carbohydrate exchange (CE-value) of the individual products. See the label on the tin.

7. Is Figuactiv suitable for pregnant women, nursing mothers and children?

In principal, it is not advisable for these groups of people to engage in a weight reduction diet. However, it is possible to substitute a meal occasionally, though the total calorie intake should not be (drastically) lower than usual. Should you wish to reduce your weight with Figuactiv we suggest consulting your doctor first.

 8. Can lactose intolerant people also take Figuactiv?

Yes they can. All our Soups are lactose free and the Shakes are low in lactose. People have various degrees of lactose intolerance. The fact is that most people tolerate shakes made with lactose free milk.


9. Is this diet a hyper protein diet?

Hyper protein drinks contain a high level of protein. Invariable fitness centres offer such products as they help enhance muscle development. We developed the recipe of our Figuactiv Shakes and Soups in accordance with the German diet ordinance. This decree dictates how much of each nutrient is essential based on the actual need of a healthy body.

10. How long can I substitute meals with Figuactiv?

Figuactiv shakes and soups supply all essential nutrients. Therefore, you can enjoy the product until you reach your personal "feel good" weight. Following the desired weight loss, it is advisable to substitute occasionally with a Figuactiv Shake or Soup to maintain the weight, especially after having indulged.

11. Since I have been taking Figuactiv I have experienced headaches. What is the reason for this?

A shortage of nutrients or a lack of fluid intake can cause headaches. A lack of nutrients is not possible, since your body is able to absorb all the nutrients Figuactiv supplies. Therefore it is essential that you drink at least 2 - 2 1/2 litres of fluid daily and have three meals a day. Ensure that the "normal" meals are balanced, fat reduced and varied.

12. What are the advantages of Figuactiv compared to other diets?

Many other diets such as the "Pineapple Diet" or just "Eat Half Diet" can be very imbalanced and may cause malnutrition.

The Figuactiv diet supplies the body with all the essential macro-nutrients (nutrients needed in relatively large quantities) and micro-nutrients (nutrients required in small quantities). At the same time the body only absorbs 25% of calories of a normal meal.

13. How much weight can I lose using Figuactiv?

Weight loss depends on your initial weight and on how many meals you supplement with Figuactiv Shakes and/or Soups. In addition, people who have previously tried other diets as a rule lose weight slower than those who have never previously dieted.

A number of medical problems can also play a decisive factor in your weight loss regime. The fact is that some people lose weight faster than others. The key is not to get disheartened, small steps also lead to the desired result.


14. Do partners and customers frequently order other products in addition to Figuactiv Shakes and Soups?

Many partners and customers order Aloe Vera Life Essence Gel as well.

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